What Users of SightPhonics Have to Say…


My son has been a special education student in San Jose Unified School District for several years. Upon him entering high school, I was very skeptical of the program level at which he was assigned. In previous years, in my opinion, he was not taught basic reading or phonic skills. One of the goals I had for my son was to see him read, as I knew he was capable to do so.

When he started at local high school in the area, I was already discouraged, but I was asked to give the program a try until December. I was told that they would be using a new reading program, (SightPhonics) and if I did not see an improvement in that timeframe stated I could look elsewhere for a placement.

Today, my son is reading and sounding out words using phonics. He is also able to read enough to search for items on the Internet and operates a computer independently. He has built a level of confidence to where he now is able to teach others how to operate a computer. He is also typing 18 words a minute with no mistakes.

Since the interception of my son using SightPhonics Reading Program he now attempts to read things everywhere we go. I cannot believe how this has changed his everyday life. I would highly recommend your program as it has made my dreams for my son come true.

Sincerest Regards,

Gloria B.


I bought it – I think 2 years ago for my mother who doesn’t speak English. Her english has improved a lot! Her vocabulary is also growing and she’s learning to read more and more words everyday. Thanks.

Jennifer M.

Dear Lear Enterprises,

I work with students with learning disabilities in a public school. We have used reading programs that have shown little or no success when it comes to learning what is needed for everyday living. The students were learning how to memorize words called “sight words” but had little exposure to phonics properly taught.

SightPhonics has brought about so many improvements. Never before have I seen so much success with our students. The students are able do the tasks necessary to become autonomous adults so much better because they can read. They are also a lot more confident about themselves.

Students who previously could not read simple words like “cat” and “red” were reading complete complex sentences within a year’s time.

As far as I am concerned, I have not seen so much success in a reading program as I have with SightPhonics.

Long after they graduate from school the students will be able to do things they would not have been able to do otherwise. They will be able to work, read from the Internet, shop, and play computer games. It is not just learning sight words, It’s much more than that. It is useful to them in real life situations like reading product names and survival words rather than knowing just words. It’s great.

The students’ personalities have blossomed because they have learned to read. Because of this program these people can have conversations about things in life. A person who can read and learn from their reading can communicate on a higher level. We have seen them progress from being disabled to being able. In the community, they would be asked questions they can answer because they now have the confidence to tell their point of view.

In other words, it makes them more normal. I know because I have for witnessed myself the transformation. Sightphonics is easy to use. Sightphonics is unique and effective. Sightphonics is amazing!


Edward G.

Dear Lear Enterprises,

My son is a high school teenager who is in a class for the severely mentally handicapped. Prior to using your SightPhonics program, my son could read only words he had memorized and had no phonics skills.

Today my son is working at a theater. Recently he was asked to read a paper pertaining to work. I was shocked that he was able to figure out what the message said.

When the movie “Blade” came out he was able to read it to our surprise. He said, “because it was in my sound families”. It was great to hear him read movie names as opposed to reading words like” put” and “cat” and “boy”.

You have to realize how important this is to me. In the past, my son was only able to learn read about 10 words each year from memory and they were words that he would seldom use in his normal everyday life.

It was the phonics he learned that gave him the ability to read what he was given at work. His success was due to your program.

This has opened up a whole new world as it has given my son the opportunity to go on the Internet to search for information and products and play games on the computer.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants his or her child to learn to read for a more successful life.

Thank you,

Dave C.

Dear Ms. Lear:

I have just completed my second school year using your outstanding, unique SightPhonics program. I have many students in my basic literacy program who have learning disabilities and/or English is their second language. These students made little progress with the phonics programs I have used in the past. It is interesting to note that many students simply cannot learn phonics through the usual methods. Your program is different and most importantly it works! The color coding, the unusual ways the words are divided, and the constant use of word families make learning and remembering the sounds easy. They can read the complex words as well as the simple and spelling improves. It is perfect for the individualized classroom as the students listen to the CD and can learn it at their own pace without help while the teacher is working with other students. My students and I are thrilled with the very visible results.

Thanks for a great phonics program!


Linda T.
ABE Teacher